How to choose numerological names using Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology

There are many different streams of numerology - Chaldean, Pythagorean, Chinese, Japanese, and African and even from the Mayan civilization but the two predominant numerology systems that deal with finding names for a baby, are the Pythagorean and the Chaldean.

Chaldean numerology for names

Chaldean Numerology has its origins in the Hebrew Kabbalah, and is derived from the Chaldean Book of Numbers, in which numbers are said to represent the energies of Creation. These energies are perpetually active, and form the raison d'etre for the creation, conversion and destruction of matter.

Thought to have originated around 3000 BC in Mesopotamia, Chaldean numerology has survived wars, change of civilizations etc. These numerology calculations are easy to understand and use, and work brilliantly to this day.

Just add the total value of the first name and full name , look for the names meaning , and you are good to go!

The numerical values for Chaldean numerology are derived from the Aramaic language, and adapted for the English alphabet. Hence it is the syllables, the sounds - that are important and not just the spelling of the names. I thought this point was pertinent enough to include here, because too many people are adding letters to their names without effectively changing the underlying syllables. Of late the trend is to make a list of names for a baby and then keeping adding the letter 'a' till the desired Chaldean Numerology names meaning is arrived at. If this was indeed effective, the earliest numerologists would have kept it simple and asked us to repeat letters until the desired total is reached! What an easy way to solve the world's pressing problems!

The fact is that the study of numerology began with the study of the effects of sounds on people. It is the sound that is the energy-influence, not just the spellings. So the syllables & sounds expressed in a name must be reflected in the direct spelling of the name. Otherwise we will only have numerical-compliance and not syllable-compliance.

Chaldean numerology gained traction as the more popular system, because it is easy to understand and use. It gives an accurate long term prognosis of a person's life.

Having said that, Chaldean numerology has no defined technique for the prediction and control of events over shorter periods, let's say, over a period of a month or a year etc. And so people with brilliant names as per Chaldean numerology also face many difficulties and tragedies. And the important point here is that, these events would be incorporated into names, as compared to the events that are determined by the date of birth.

So, for a numerologist, augmenting the good and suppressing the undesirable are two separate aspects of naming babies.

This is where Pythagorean numerology comes handy.

Pythagorean numerology for names

Pythagorean numerology was founded by Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, around 600 BC. Pythagoras is of course most known for his findings on the relationship between the sides of a right angled triangle, but he was, in fact, more a numerologist than a mathematician. He led his life in accordance with the numbers, and believed that the purpose of existence could be understood through the numbers, since most elements of life are quantified and bear numerical relationships. His contribution to numerology is unmatched, and his principles are applicable to the earliest given name.

Pythagoras is believed to have coined the word 'Philosophy' from 'Philo' (love) and 'Sophia' (wisdom). In other words, love of wisdom, as opposed to love of belief. Philosophy differs from Mythology in that, there is a generally systematic approach, and there is reliance on reasoned argument. His followers were called Pythagoreans, had to shun all personal possessions and were vegetarians. They led lives similar to Buddhist monks, their purpose was spirituality.

Pythagoras' approach to numerology was based on a rational study which spanned over 30 years, during which he left his home at Samos, and travelled to Thebes in Egypt, and learnt from the Phoenician and Greek spiritual masters and numerologists.

Pythagorean numerology is wide in its scope and takes years to master, but is remarkably accurate, both for the prediction of events, as also for personality and compatibility assessment.

Under the Pythagorean system, if the Destiny number is equal to the sum of the birth date (called Life Path number), or differs by 4, it is the ideal situation. Any other Destiny number would only partially support the Life Path's journey. Some Destiny Number - Life Path combinations may even be in conflict with each other, to such an extent that life becomes difficult or disappointing. This is always the case when the difference between the Destiny number and Life Path number is 3.

Pythagorean Chart of George Walker Bush, born on 6 July 1946, for 20 years
 Karmic Years: 9Destiny: 6Life Path: 6Personality: 8Heart: 7

Pythagoras also devised the Essence (also called Event) number chart. This numerology chart is obtained by separating each word in the name and laying out the letters in a predefined order. As its name implies, the Essence number chart reveals the events that would occur in a person's life, each year, from birthday to birthday. In other words, each year, a person has an Essence number, which identifies the experiences and outcome for the year. And this is derived from the earliest name given as a baby.

Pythagorean numerology also identified the difficult essence numbers. These are the Karmic essence numbers 13, 14, 16 & 19, and the non-Karmic but equally difficult Master essence numbers 11 & 22. Minimising these Karmic Essence numbers is the most important task while creating a baby name.

Every time these difficult Essence numbers appear in a chart, there is an intensification of activity along defined lines, and the person cuts a sorry face. There would either be some failure or difficulty, and what exactly it is depends upon which Essence number appears, as also which transit letters are causing it.

The essence number chart is an incredible aspect of Pythagorean numerology, not replicated in any of the other numerology streams. The problem we face is that the essence number chart is derived from the earliest name given, and does not change with a change of name. So once a baby is named, the events she will undergo CANNOT be changed. This has been proven by the examination of numerology charts of women who have taken on married surnames. No change in the events that occur, from what the lady was named as a baby, even well into advanced age. Any subsequent name would only have a limited overlay influence over the original numerology chart.

I brought in this topic to emphasise the importance of Pythagorean numerology & the essence number chart. It is absolutely essential that Karmic essence numbers are kept to the minimum in a baby name. It is cumbersome to make an Essence number chart for each baby name under consideration, I agree, but there is no way around it. Otherwise, a name with a good total per Chaldean numerology would have several Karmic essence numbers, resulting in a difficult life with limited successes.

Pythagorean numerology splits a name into the Destiny number, Heart number and Personality number. These three numbers must complement each other for a baby name to really work. For example, if the Destiny number gives a person the talent to sing, the Personality number should be one which gives her stage presence and the Heart number should be one that brings out creative faculties. This aspect of numerology is called 'Impressions and Vibrations'. A high score on Impressions and Vibrations would make the person extremely productive.

Finally, Pythagorean numerology has demonstrated that absence of letters of particular value or values brings about difficulty in handling issues related to that missing number. These missing numbers in a name are called Karmic Lessons (and this is very different from 'Karmic Essence numbers explained earlier). For example if the letters B, K & R are missing from the name, it results in Karmic lesson 2, because the value of these three letters is 2. Karmic lesson 2 is characterized by an inability to cooperate with others in a group, and an inability to be sensitive to other's emotions. It is nearly impossible for a name to have letters belonging to all the nine numbers, but, when comparing names, one with fewer Karmic lessons would be preferable over others.

To summarize, any baby name must be analyzed for the following:

1. That the First name has a good Chaldean numerology names meaning, since it is the most used vibration
2. That the Full name has a good Chaldean numerology names meaning, since it is the most documented vibration
3. That the Pythagorean Destiny number and the Life Path number are either equal, or in harmony.
4. That the Pythagorean Karmic essence numbers be eliminated or at least minimized
5. That the Pythagorean Destiny, Heart and Personality numbers of a name complement each other
6. That the name does not have too many Karmic lessons (missing numbers).

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