Meet the Numerologist

Numerologist - Captain Arun PeterNameMyLife.com is owned by Numerologist Captain Arun Peter, who also works as a ship captain in the Merchant Navy. Originally based out of Bangalore, India but constantly on the move for his job, Captain Peter combines the wisdom of numbers with Ancient Indian mysticism to choose the best possible names for his clients. For more than 19 years, he has studied the ancient science of Numerology with intense fascination. His passion lies in naming babies, for it is at this early stage that many of life's events become set in stone. His aim is easy to state, but difficult to achieve: To provide the best numerology baby naming service in the world.

Captain Peter has also named companies and other ventures, as well as assisted name changes for those who aim to improve their lives.

Numerology is a vast and intricate science with many different schools of thought. Captain Peter combines Chaldean Numerology, Pythagorean and Indian numerology systems to bring you the most accurate and effective baby naming service possible. All three of these systems treat a person's name and date of birth as key indicators of what life holds for him or her.

With brilliant success across the board, Captain Peter is confident that he can help you select the very best name that will greatly enhance your baby's life.

This site is dedicated to the wisdom of the numbers. Through it, Captain Peter hopes to ease the suffering that people encounter due to the ill effects of an unsuitable name. NameMyLife.com invites you to leave here richer for the experience! For more information, please visit our Numerology FAQ page.

Should you wish to speak with our resident numerologist, please call 98450 39993.

Captain Peter will be out at sea until May 2013, with intermittent access to his emails. Therefore, please do not place any orders, unless you are willing to wait for two weeks or more. 

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