Pony Verma - Award winning Choreographer
Published on April 12, 2012

I had the pleasure of meeting the acclaimed Pony Verma, who has recently won the 2012 Best Choreographer Award for her outstanding work in the film 'The Dirty Picture'.

KE - Writer - USA
Published on August 23, 2011
Captain Arun Peter's approach to include both numerology systems -Chaldean and Pythagorean- was fabulous to find. Captain Peter displayed such a high degree of professionalism, and invested such careful consideration in my search for a pen-name, that I was most grateful to have found him and his Name My Life site. He his among the most honorable individuals I've come across, and his eye-opening insight and guidance through my search gave me a big dose of confidence that I've hit upon a golden name. I'm enjoying the impact of my new moniker, and can already feel the shift internally working its magic! I highly recommend Captain Peter's services to anyone who wishes for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

DJ Chico - Official DJ for Kingfisher and IPL Cricket
Published on June 9, 2011

"There is very little i do without checking with him first........ Plain simple Numbers...... and im happy to say he has been bang on where im concerned......."

Harishankar Talala - Software Engineer, Bangalore
Published on May 21, 2010
"I would like to First of all Thank Capt. Peter for this excellent Service. His knowledge is very effective on the baby names and I recommend he is the best I ever came across around two years ago while in search of a Well Knowledgable / Effective Numerologist. The Numerological Name that he suggested to my daughter is doing wonders in her life. Thanks again."

Namrata G - Fashion Designer, Bangalore
Published on November 20, 2009
"To begin with, Namrata G was christened so by Capt Peter. One of the most genuine persons I have ever come across, his interest lies in making a difference to the lives he touches. It pains him to see anyone in problems and goes out of his way to make the difference, be it by changing the name or wearing a birth stone. He is 100% genuine and can be trusted completely. Call on him for that change in fate. I believe you will come in touch with him, only when you are destined to change for the better. So, go for his wonderful advice and caring solutions. I wish him all the best and pray that he can make a difference in as many lives as possible."

Malavika Varadan - RJ, Dubai
Published on November 15, 2009

 "Capt. Peter's word to me... is the gospel truth!!! He helped me go from Malavika Varadan to Malavika Varadhan Sharma and everything he has predicted has come true so far. He is not a numerologist, he is a magician!!!! I trust him implicitly with my names/numbers/life and think you should too!! 
Malavika - Radio Jockey ex Radio Indigo & now with Arab Media Network"

Eshaa Garg, Gurgaon
Published on November 15, 2009
"I came in contact with Capt Peter through my search of some good numerologist...got in touch with him..n he has helped my change my name from Priyanka which was not suitable for me to Eshaa.You can believe me when i say that this name has done wonders to me,my personality n approach to life.Something in my old name was holding me back..n he has opened new doors for me.Then i proceeded to get my son,s name changed to Pranav n he too has started excelling in his academics n overall personality. I would suggest any one planning to name their child to get it done through him n the same for adults too.......A very humble, genuine n extremely knowledgeable person....n now a very good friend ..I can vouch for him anyday....!!!!He knows it all!!"

Leila Sharma - Makeup Artist & Food Stylist
Published on November 13, 2009

"I have known Captain Peter for the past 14 years, and have been fortunate to witness how he has helped totally alter peoples lives. Undoubtedly there will be many future testimonials to his new site from people who are well known or well placed, however I would like to tell you about a few of the less fortunate people in life to whom he has been the kindest most caring person they have known. My maid Viji is a wonderful person with a sad life. She has one daughter Stella, married with two sons. They have seen all of life's hardships, as many of the less fortunate in our country do. When Viji came to work with me, she already had a grandson inappropriately named Jerry. He was a problem child and the family were at their wits end on how to handle him, let alone change the situation. Subsequently she had her second grandchild. Captain Peter, realizing that the first child's name was totally unsuitable to his date of birth, took it upon himself to go about correcting the mistake. It was a painful process, as in those days he did not have the advantage of the computerised system he has now put in place, and many hundreds of combinations had to be worked out manually to find the most suitable name. Jerry was renamed Prem Antony, and the little one received (from Capt. Peter)the name Colin Praveen at his birth. The change in Prem Antony's life started shortly after his name change, and today he is a happy, confident well balanced young boy who is standing first in his class and is pursuing his hobby of playing the guitar with passion. Long gone are the tantrums and bad behavior that overwhelmed his parents. Colin Praveen too is a shining student, bagging the 1st place in every exam he has ever given. They have been named the best students in their school! These are the stories that need to be told!!!"

Pooja Gandhi - Sandalwood Movie Star
Published on September 25, 2009
It was such an honour meeting the ever so gracious and talented Pooja Gandhi. So impressed by her friendly and down-to-earth personality.

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