Numbers 71-80

1 A I J Q Y
2 B K R    
3 C G L S  
4 D M T    
5 E H N X  
6 U V W    
7 O Z      
8 F P      

Confidence and clarity are robbed from one with this name. There is hesitation, rational thought is compromised, and emotions are twisted. Once the 71 realizes that he need not go down the road of mental entrapment, pieces of the puzzle will fall in place. Meanwhile, a lot of water has flown under the bridge. Material growth is severely curtailed. He seems to perform better if he is working on behalf of others. It's a fairly good name for those with a prominent 5 in the birth date. Ill advised for those with a prominent 4, they will need to be emotionally supported throughout.
This is a brilliant name, when it comes to material success. It's a name signifying slow growth, but he is endowed with talents, and the results kick in at middle age. All talents will be fully exploited. Not infrequently, 72s are recipients of large inheritances. Commercial & engineering skills are pronounced. Education is well supported, and the name is neutral to family life (this will depend on the birth data). Strong of body and mind. Undaunted by hurdles. Fertile imagination; unique ideas that are planted here will grow well & bear fruit! Welfare of the disadvantaged is important to him. Well suited for all, except those with a prominent 2 in their birth date.
This is the fountain of knowledge and happiness. Great at building and managing a team. Spiritual strength, coupled with intuition. It's a herald of good fortune. Multiple sources of income. Will do very well at senior positions, especially if in the government. Integrity and candor shine through. Strong emotional connections with the family. It's a good name across the board, although those with a prominent 1 or 4 in the chart tend to harvest better rewards. A life well lived, but with a little less social concern when compared with the 72. Reese Witherspoon is a 73.
Not exactly a happy name, this one can make life careen into trouble. Doesn't knock the socks out of somebody with a prominent 7 in the birth date, though (they end up faring quite well, actually). For others, this is a name symbolizing lament over past actions. After all who can you blame, when the buck did stop at your door? Tormented by what has happened, and anxious about the future. More worries made up in the head, than are actually out there - once bitten twice shy? There is a strange belligerence; the inability to compromise can lead to self demolition. Financial circumstances are wobbly. Family life is troubled. Health is not all that great, gastric problems are indicated. Welfare of others is important. Tread with caution, is my advice.
The 75 leads the life of an artist and an intellectual. Driven by passion, he floats above the everyday grind. Brilliant creativity, whatever forms it takes. Slow, but steady progress is what he makes. There is inner calm and peace. There is out of the box wisdom that others can use to surmount obstacles in their own lives. His is an utopian view of life that is dismissed by the realist. Conversely, he has no space for people who are not driven by vision. Solid friends, who help, and are helped. Ample education and finances. Will be luminaries in their field of work, and well regarded in society. Many contradictory influences for those with a prominent 6 in the birth date.
A strong element of risk pervades the autumn of his life. It is a challenge that can be overcome, but lethargy strikes the 76 at the very same time. Emotional issues dominate. Once the 76 beats the apathy, old mountains can be climbed again. If not, life's closure would be dreary. The rest of life is fine; there is an indomitable spirit, coupled with an industrious nature. Financial, academic and especially professional spheres are well taken care of. Reasonably good for those with a prominent 1, but mayhem prevails if there is a prominent 8 in the birth date.
The twin 7s leading to Mercury's 5. Energy in thought, keen insight, highly adaptive, risk takers. The last bit needs to be reined in a bit; their accomplishments make them want to scale ever greater heights, and fast! So long as they manage risk whilst managing change, all will be well. This is a brilliant name that can be given to all, although it is slightly partial to those with a prominent 8. Great at academics, firm & upright in character, well respected. They spurn offers of assistance, and take great pride in being self-made. Lots of travel, always learning. This name is unbiased when it comes to family life; that would depend entirely on the birth data. Arnold Schwarzenegger the Terminator is a typical 77!
Another brilliant name from Venus' arsenal. Caring and nurturing, a 78 has the desire and the ability to help all around him, with nary a thought about reward. The rat race is not for him. In contradiction though, he is materially wealthy. But that is outdone by the wealth he has built through charity and compassion. Dependable and steadfast, a true friend in need. Their homes are not just a bunch of walls; they are sanctuaries where peace and goodwill are alive. Ability to motivate, through gentle persuasion. This is an all rounder of a name for all, except for prominent 3s.
An uphill climb awaits those with this name. The first half of life will present many a stumbling block, urging them to be sure-footed in all they undertake! The knowledge and experience garnered will make them well sought after professionals. While the rest of us are facing our mid life crises, 79s will move into top gear! Family life is a little rocky, but their compasses would point towards greater understanding, and support for those who depend on them. Steer clear of disdain for those who are where you once were! It's a great name for those with a prominent 2, and above average for the rest. Excepting for prominent 9s, who need to stay far from this name. Infosys Technologies is a famous 79.
The power of Saturn magnified! I would keep away. The name would push one into being overworked, and burnt out. Professional life overflows with hardships and adversity. With not enough time off, the 80 becomes robotic. Personal relationships are neglected; lots of mending needs to be done there. Quite a loner. Pessimism rules. There is good stamina and endurance, but of what use is it, if the world demands more? Fairly good for those with a prominent 5, and very adverse for those with a prominent 4.