Numbers 11-20

1 A I J Q Y
2 B K R    
3 C G L S  
4 D M T    
5 E H N X  
6 U V W    
7 O Z      
8 F P      

This is a challenging number, for all, except those with a prominent 7. It warns of hidden dangers and trials. Emotional suffering comes from the near and dear. With friends like these, who needs enemies! They will see the duality of life, on many fronts. Extremely creative, but the will to change thought into action is missing. Those with this name valuation should take a firm grip on themselves, and refuse to be swayed by what others may say. There is the test for strength of character, to rise above emotions and desires. Not surprisingly, nature endows them with the spirit of fortitude, and they face difficulties wide awake, never evading struggle. In the final analysis, this is a victory of the spirit, over matter.
This number has the 1 of the Sun and the 2 of the Moon, giving 3 (Jupiter) as the resultant. People with 12 as names, tend towards social causes, at least there is a deep concern for the underprivileged. Their personal lives would be beyond control. Worse, if there is a prominent 6 in the birth date. An ominous signification, namely, sacrificed and victimized. Good public speakers. They fight for the welfare of others. Their mission is to seek within, not without. This number denotes abandonment, or destruction of the family unit. They must stop struggling, and move out of paralysis and stagnation. Wisdom & happiness is gained, once well-set notions are left behind! This name does not influence education or career, either way. Diana, Princess of Wales was a 12.
A change of plans, and place. There are upheavals and strife, but within each change, there is the seed of a new beginning. Those with this number should acknowledge that change is valuable, and there is no point in resisting it. A few numerologists argue that it is a symbol of power, which leads to destruction, only if it is misused. It is said, He who understands the number 13 will be given power and dominion. I would contend that only a highly developed mind will know the right use of power, and so, for the rest of us, it is a difficult number. Prosperity may be there, but so will confusion.
1 (Leadership) and 4 (organization) adding to a 5 (mercantile activity). 14s will succeed in any commercial venture that they start. An over-confident and extremely ambitious nature should be curbed. If not, there can be humiliating losses. This number has a dual meaning. It signifies adaptation and consolidation. But the other meaning is risk and danger, if matters go out of hand. Satisfaction should result from what you have got, not from getting everything that is out there. Exercise prudence and caution always, and restraint at times. Else, the best laid plans of mice and men can go awry. Personal relationships cause difficulties and heartaches. Moderation and a sense of balance can create a well rounded being. They are popular despite their eccentricities. A name which works for most, more so for those who manage risk well.
A fortunate number, especially, if connected with the arts and sciences. Power over others is the interpretation of this number. Persons represented by this number will exhaust every method, to gain what they desire. It is associated with the gift of the gab. There is strong personal magnetism. Bondage to materialism is not the way to go! There will be more than one source of income, and they will earn well throughout life. Support from people of position is certain. Ability to free themselves (mentally), from whatever restriction is holding them back. Creature comforts are assured. Personal life is well supported. Rough weather at home, for those with a prominent 3 in the birth date. Dell, Alcoa, Shakira & Rekha are some 15s
A good beginning but a poor end is the significance of this name valuation. It shows a fall from power, grace, office, position. Unexpected shock or catastrophe is associated with this number. It gives warning of some strange fatality awaiting one, also danger of accidents and defeat of one's plans. The only way one can escape its fatalistic tendency is by walking the tight-rope of virtue, at all times. Many 16s have avoided the big hit to the ego, having done so. This number severely impacts those with a prominent 9. But it works fine for those with a prominent 2. Sony, Nokia, Japan & Tibet are famous 16s
Courage, inspiration, spiritual strength. Renewed efforts bring attainment and fulfillment of wishes. This number has 1 of the Sun and the 7 of Neptune, giving 8 (Saturn) as it's total. The key signification is that the person it represents rises above the trials and difficulties in his life. This means there are a few trials! It is considered the Number of Immortality, because the person's name lives after him. Faith pulls them through many an issue. So they take the plunge into the water, confident of reaching the other shore. But there may be some talk about methods adopted (to make money), and they may be viewed as self centered. Those with a prominent 4 will take a course at the school of hard knocks. Coke, JRD Tata & Mira Nair are typical of this name.
This is a number of disease, mental instability, and generalized decay. The name is depictive of materialism striving to destroy the spiritual side of nature. It generally associates a person with bitter quarrels, even family ones, also with war and social upheavals (for nations). Danger from the elements. They idealize situations, not realizing that the seed of failure is often sown within success. Intuition can guide, once mental blocks are broken. Devoid of peace and happiness, they have the innate ability to turn friends into foes! Quite often, the person lives far from the family. Though some 18s are extremely successful, their successes will be seen as hollow. Brings with it the gift of healing. Undiluted hell for those with a prominent 2 or 7. Myanmar, Nigeria, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Gujarat & now Mumbai, are representative of this number.
Now for a breath of fresh air! And some light, for this name is greatly influenced by the Sun. Brilliant success is the declaration of this number! Power and clarity are associated with it. Will meet great people and fortunate events are foreseen. They will progress with each passing day. Honesty, good health and a suitable life partner are associated with the 19. They have good friends, and dislike pretence. All told, they will lead a comfortable and lucky life. Things get better with the passage of time. The end will be sudden. Citibank, Total, Target, Amy Adams, ICICI Bank, NDTV, Ajit Agarkar, Kamala Das & Mayawati are famous 19s.
Harmony and balance are the keywords for this number. This number has a peculiar interpretation; the call to action, but for some great purpose, cause or duty. It is not a material number, and consequently is a doubtful one, as far as worldly success is concerned. It denotes delays, and hindrances to ones plans, which can only be conquered by developing the spiritual side of human nature. Major changes occur, but only those that can be handled. If success comes, it does so late in the day, and so the charm is lost. They are good counselors, though their own lives are not exactly balanced. Uncontrollable when they lose their tempers. Working for others is their best bet. Bad news if the birth date has a prominent 9.