Frequently Asked Questions

How will choosing a name through numerology help my baby?

Each birth date comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. This, when coupled with the vibrations of the child's name, can either enhance or diminish the possibilities of a good life for the child. Through the numerology analysis and consultation offered at NameMyLife.com, I ensure:
a) That the chosen name is suitable under the Chaldean system
b) That the Life Path and the Destiny numbers support each other
c) That the number of Karmic years is minimized.

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How soon will the results of choosing a numerological name be apparent?

For a newborn, the results of a numerologically chosen name are clearly visible in 3 to 6 months. In some cases, the change is perceivable within the first week. You will see that your child is happier, more confident, and a lot more logical with the right name in place.
Where there is a change in name for either a child or adult, it does take some time for the new name to overcome the effects of the old name. Anywhere from a year to three years is a realistic time frame. There is no doubt that the original name will have remnant effects as the person goes about ironing away the "wrinkles" of his old life.
In support of this point, the Essence number table (for event prediction) is always made with the maiden name of a lady, even if she adopted a married name / surname 50 years ago! I am sure this signals the importance of naming a child right, first shot! If I were to quantify the effects of a name change, it would be in the region of 25% to 75%, depending on how bad or unsuitable the original name was.

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I don't believe in this numerology "numbo-jumbo". And hey, this is not a question!

It's true: most people don't take numerology very seriously and many even consider it a bunk, pseudo-science! It wasn't any different with me; that is, until I actually began studying the subject in depth. The fact that it works almost every time, and has helped so many people lead better, happier lives, are the sole reasons I have pursued this path.

Let me give you an example of how powerful numerology can be: Once, while perusing the Forbes.com site, I learned that ALL 20 of the top grossing female singers of 2007 were bestowed with very powerful names! Data and results like these have sustained my interest in the subject of numerology. Try it out, and then decide for yourself.

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I'm still not convinced that numerology can influence the outcome of a person's life. What proof do you have?

For more information on the positive impact of numerology on name-giving, consult with our Chaldean Numerology page. There, you will see a chart showing the numerical value of each letter. Use the chart to total the numbers of the names of people whose lives you know well. Then, check that against the list provided. You will find, to your surprise, how accurate the number game really is! Similarly, the other systems of Numerology are also provable, but it takes a little more familiarization with the subject.

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Does numerology work even if I don't believe in it?

I don't "believe" in numerology myself. Rather, the evidence repeatedly points to the accuracy of this age-old science. There are many theories as to why numerology is so effective, but no one really knows for certain why. I for one am convinced of the immense value of numerology because I've witness it in action, time and time again. The system is sound and reliable, independent and irrespective of people's beliefs. It works for people, it works for companies, it works for products, buildings, political parties, cats, dogs, cows, monkeys... you name it, and numerology works!

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Why should I pay for your service when the astrologer in my neighborhood can give me a lucky name practically for free?

If you are confident that your astrologer knows the art of combining names, please go right ahead and solicit his or her services. My understanding is that there are very few who specialize in the numerological aspect of this.

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There is plenty of information available on the internet. Why should I pay you when I can do a little numerological sleuthing on my own?

Not only can you Google to find out more, but I also offer all the tools right here on my website! I encourage all who are interested to investigate to their heart's content.
However, if, instead of consulting with an expert, you start doing it yourself using the guidelines I have given, you will realize how time consuming numerology really is. The internet has opened doors to a lot of people, and today they can access expertise with a simple click of the mouse.
I have spent the past 18 years compiling a large collection of names that span different walks of life, coupled with the arduous task of systemizing a methodology which combines both the Chaldean and Pythagorean systems. One thing I can tell you for sure: the price of a numerological naming consultation is nothing compared to the cost of repairing the damages inflicted by an unsuitable name!

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Many astrologers advise that a child's name begin with a particular syllable. Is there any merit to this theory?

I do have names, beginning with each letter and syllable, for each Star and Moon sign. If you ask me for this information I won't even charge you, as it's available for free on the Internet. Unfortunately, if the names cannot be matched perfectly (or at least, brilliantly) with your particular surname and date of birth, they will not find their way into my list for your baby. In my experience, starting names with a particular syllable and leaving it at that will improve nothing. In fact, it might even create problems.

While acknowledging that, yes, astrology offers some remarkable insights into life, both segmentised and as a whole, it is a very fragile subject when it comes to Names and Naming. For instance, the first letter concept, basis Nakshatra: Nobody knows the origin, basis, and most importantly, the effects of having a name begin with a particular syllable. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out but made no headway. Also, there are no assurances / interpretations given with such a topic. And it's unknown what events may occur if a person born under a particular Nakshatra is named with a specific syllable and so on.

As an example, the names Gopal and Govinda begin with the same syllable, yet have entirely different effects on a person. So if a baby were to be born in Kumbha Rasi, Satabhisha Nakshatra, with the surname Gowda, one of the required syllables to start the first name with is "Go." According to Pythagorean numerology, a name that presents outstanding difficulties would result. For the first seven years where the G of the first name runs together with the G of the surname, we have the Karmic 14 event number! And this event number repeats at various points in the baby's life.

Most instances where parents use the correct first syllable but fail to combine it properly with the surname typically end up with them requesting a spelling change of the name at some point down the road. Obviously, this indicates concern for the "bad luck" which resulted from such a poorly made choice. Some reasons for this unfortunate name may have to do with poor Chaldean total, or an incompatible Destiny for LifePath number. Thankfully, the new spelling of the name does take positive effect in the child's life over time.

It is interesting to note that nearly 80% of Indians name their children based on Nakshatra, and yet nearly 70% of our population remains below the poverty line! Surely, somebody has to call the bluff!

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What is a Captain from the merchant navy doing posing as a Numerologist?

Like the millions of other people in this world who whose interests span a variety of topics and pursuits, numerology is something that has piqued my curiosity enough to make it a secondary profession for myself. Yes, I am a merchant ship captain "by day." However, just like many actors and actresses you may know who also own restaurants, craft handmade jewelry, race boats, or engage in other serious pursuits independent of their acting careers... I am one of those ship captains who also happens to practice numerology and do it well. :)

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Where can I learn more about numerology and naming?

If you, too, possess interest in the subjects of numerology and naming, I encourage you to learn all you can. It doesn't take much more left brain activity than 1 + 2 = 3! (Just joking!) In-depth information is available in the public domain, nothing's hidden and it doesn't take long to get a good grasp on how the "numbers game" works. In fact, for the price of a nice evening out, you can arm yourself with sufficient books to become something of a numerological authority yourself. Numerology can be mastered by any one who has interest, aptitude and time on their hands. Luckily for me, I came with the first two, and I made the third happen!

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Can you go through a list of names I have in mind for my child?

I will work out the best names for your child and give them to you in descending order of preference. If you already have a list of names that you'd like me to analyze, please include them when you place your order for a consult, and I will work on those as well. In fact, it's entirely likely that the names you provide will be ones that I've already analyzed, as I've gone through tons of baby naming books and other sources over the years.

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Okay, so I'm ready to send you my list of baby names for analysis. But what if I really, really have preference for a particular name or names on that list?

Unfortunately, no matter how much you may like them, names which don't pass my stringent parameters will not find their way into the list I give you. You are paying me for accuracy, and that is what I promise to give! It is your choice what you do with the information.

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What happens if there are middle names or family names involved, in addition to the surname?

Middle names and other family names factor into the numerological total as well. Visit the name meanings page , and you'll see some examples of this. So please go ahead and suggest whatever first and middle names you fancy for your child; the more the merrier! Just remember to add each required middle / family name to the space provided on the form. Additional words in a name almost always help in minimizing Karmic Essence numbers.

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Do I receive just one name, or can I have a choice?

Your naming consultation typically includes a list of over 100 suggested names, sorted in descending order of a precise match, along with date of birth and surname. These names are analyzed for compliance using both Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology. If a first name cannot be matched with a surname, then I will likely insert a middle name as a "helper" of sorts. All the names that I send you will of course be brilliant choices, but the ones at the top of the list will shine brighter! Whatever name you decide on is your privilege as the parent.

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Why are we seeing a spate of name changes, with people adding a letter, and how effective is this?

A lot of people are incorporating another alphabet (do you mean to say "alphabet letter?") in their name these days as a means of improving their lives. However, these changes only take into account one system of Numerology; the Chaldean system. Such changes can be made by anyone who has an unfavorable Chaldean total. If you wish to attempt this on your own, consult with the Interpretations page for additional information. This will improve life in some areas, and the change may even be substantial. However, it cannot bring about a total transformation. Perfect compatibility of the first name with the date of birth and the surname can only be manifested with the synchronization of both numerology systems. Furthermore, this is most effective when given as the earliest name, and not as a name that has been changed after the fact.

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In addition to baby name analysis, what other services do you offer through this site?

Along with naming babies, I offer change of existing names. Did you know that in some cases, it's better for a marriage if a girl retains her maiden surname? These are the types of questions I address with my name change consults. Another reason for looking closely at a name is if your life has had a clear, long term, unfortunate pattern. In many cases, a new name can reverse the negative effects of a poorly chosen name.

It's also interesting to note that for some people, a name change may in fact do no good. If that's the case for you or someone you know, then I will tell you straight out. I am more interested in offering people valuable information than I am in making a few dollars from a numerology consult that isn't needed in the first place.

Finally, I offer a naming service for Companies and Products. If you're interested in such a service, please send me company or product name options that I can pick from or modify. Email me at contactus@namemylife.com for more information on this topic.

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How long will I have to wait after placing my order for a naming consult?

Expect to hear from me within two or three days after submitting your request for a naming consult. Please note, however, that more complex birth dates and surnames may take up to a week to analyze. Company names may require some correspondence both ways and that will certainly take longer, depending on how much back-and-forth brainstorming we end up doing together. Please include your phone number, along with the country and area code, so that I can call you, if required.

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I saw your list of bad names. I can think of quite a few people who wear these monikers, and yet still manage to have relatively good lives. How can this be?

A lot of people ask me this! There are many famous people with first names which are not that great, numerologically speaking. However, realize that these, coupled with their surnames and dates of birth, have combined to give good results in their chosen fields. There is more to the science of numerology than meets the eye! The down side is that in areas where such folks are only known by their first name (for example, within the family) the problems associated with the name do show up. As I mentioned earlier, the numerology always manifests in one way or another.

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Why don't you offer other services, like predictions, compatibility etc?

Simple! The philosophy here is: Do just one thing, and do it well. Any numerologist who chooses names must be extremely well versed with predictions. After all, it is the names that lead to the predictions. I work backwards, and boy, does this require focus! So doing anything else, even within the same subject, would be highly distracting.

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Does naming my child in accordance with Numerology mean that nothing untoward will ever happen to him (or her)?

There is not a single person who can go through life without some difficulty or another cropping up. For example, every person has a Saturn placement in their astrological birth chart. Saturn experiences 12.5 years of difficult transits out of every 30 years, and this applies to each one of us. What can be done about it? Well, you can either attempt the impossible which would be to try and stop planetary motion... or, use the difficulties that life throws you to learn valuable lessons and acquire wisdom and maturity.

A great name equips a child with all the skills, tools and opportunities needed to get the best that life offers. If you look at people with very powerful names (for example, Bill Clinton), you will see that even they experience rough patches. But people with strong names inevitably bounce back, just when you thought they were down for the count!

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How would I know if my child's life is following the charted path of the given name?

This is a really simple subject to learn and apply. You can find tons of numerology information on the Internet. Or, you can go the old-fashioned route, and pick up a few books on the topic. Work out your child's name for yourself; I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the results!

We intend to eventually add a numerology calculator to the NameMyLife.com website. In the meantime, you can find numerous sites that will analyze a given name for you; just do a quick Google search. What about nicknames, shortened names, and pet names?

Of course you can use nicknames or pet names, as long as they are well chosen using Chaldean theory. The idea is to calculate the numerology of said nickname just as you would any other name. However, if you have chosen a name suggested by me, I would request that the given first name (in its long form) be used throughout the child or person's life for maximum impact. In the (unlikely, I hope) event that you wish to call your child something else, within the family for instance, please do bounce it off me. I don't want you to hesitate in your naming endeavors, so I do not charge for follow ups!

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I am a woman getting married soon. Do I need to consult a numerologist before I adopt my husband's surname?

Well, either that, or you can do a name analysis yourself, as it's not that difficult. In the course of my practice, I have found many instances where retaining the maiden surname or combining the two surnames lead to a better marriage. Check out the numerological differences between Hillary Rodham, Hillary Clinton or Hillary Rodham-Clinton using our meanings page. Abbreviate one, and see what result that brings. Use your imagination, and take your pick!

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Does a well-named child impact the people around him? What about someone with a poorly chosen name?

Indeed, she does, in both cases. Happy people make others happier! A well-suited name would positively influence the child's energy; she might go through life more confident, relaxed and "comfortable in her own skin." This is because his Life Path and Destiny numbers are not knocking each other out! A numerologist can see that the lives of individual family members are perfectly intertwined -- for example, for a mother whose name chart indicates a happy old age would likely reflect in her child's chart as being a nurturer and having the means to provide care. (did I get that last bit right? not sure if I understood what you meant with the mother and child's chart? are we talking about the mother when she was a child... or her own child?)

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Can a name influence a child's intelligence, and/or academic performance?

Of course it can! A poorly matched name often creates tussles within the mind, where clarity is lost, and doubts are created. Believe it or not, unsuitable names can also result in depression, insanity, accidents and other issues.

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Is it okay to make a minor spelling change to a name suggested by you? For example: Sonya / Sonia / Sonja, are three ways to spell the same name.

Two letter answer: NO! This is a classic example that illustrates the difference between the Chaldean and Pythagorean systems, and the effect that each name would have. I analyze with both systems, and have my reasons for choosing a particular spelling. All three spellings add up to 17 under the Chaldean system, but would result in completely different Destiny and Event numbers. This is because the Chaldean and Pythagorean systems assign different values to the letters.

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I take care of children at an orphanage; will you work on the kids' names?

Of course; it would be my privilege! Please send me an email contactus@namemylife.com with your phone number and we will take this forward. I understand that dates of birth and surnames would not be at hand. Please don't worry, I know how to play safe and yet remain effective. Kindly contact me as soon as the baby is brought over, so as to preempt eager caregivers. Please accept this service as my complimentary gift to thank you for the noble work you do!

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What payment options do you offer?

At NameMyLife.com, we use PayPal as our preferred method of online payment, and accept all major credit cards via this means. (*For residents of India, we also accept all Indian credit cards). Amounts billed in USD will automatically be converted into Indian Rupees at the prevailing exchange rate. We also accept mailed payments and bank transfers.

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And last, but not the least: Will this site compromise my privacy in any way?

NO! Rest assured; neither I, the Numerologist, nor the employees/business partners of NameMyLife.com will ever:

a) divulge any information about you
b) use your personal information in any way, shape or form
c) name drop
d) send you marketing mails
e) send you spam
f) sell, rent or otherwise share your email address.
Also note that your online payments are totally secure, as PayPal uses Secure Socket Layer and 128 bit data encryption. Ready to book a naming consultation for your baby, family member, friend or yourself? Contact us for more information today.

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