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Published on August 21, 2010

I like to be transparent with my clients, so they understand what naming using numerology is all about. From experience, I have seen that parents have an easier time arriving at their baby’s name, once they understand the basis of my recommendations. Transparence would also serve as a means to verify my calculations and analysis independently, for the Numerology profession has so far been plagued with opacity. So it is always the case that parents have no clue as to what they are getting into, rather what they are unwittingly commiting their babies into. I am proud to say that Name My Life is the only numerology naming service which practices Full Disclosure while transacting with clients. After all, naming a baby is probably the most important decision a parent can make, so it is important that they understand full well, the implications of the name they decide on.

Download a sample numerology baby name report, if you haven't already done so.

Our numerology-names analysis is carried out for over 10,000 names per baby, although the report may only show between 2-4000, depending on the surname / middle names required. The rest of the names are discarded as they are unsuitable according to Chaldean numerology. That is, either the first name, or full name (or both) have unfavorable Chaldean meanings. What this means is that nearly every name that exists is analyzed, for your baby’s birthdate and surname. This ensures that no stone is left unturned in finding the best possible name, and therefore life, for your baby. After all, I turned professional to ensure that every baby I name has the best shot at Life.

Interpretations for Chaldean first and full names are posted at http://namemylife.com/meanings.html 

The report is in three parts – ‘Detail’, ‘Summary’ and ‘Recommended names' :

1. This table is constructed in accordance with the requirements of Pythagorean Numerology. The top row is marked ‘Age’. Each name / surname combination has been analyzed unto a notional life span of 70 years.
2. Each year of age (from birthday to birthday) has a particular ‘Essence number’, which is derived from the letters applicable for that year.
3. The purpose of constructing the Essence number chart for each name is to identify which years of age have Essence numbers 11, 13, 14, 16, 19 or 22. These six Essence numbers are Karmic in nature and bring about difficulties – each brings about its own type of problems. These problems only last for the age at which the particular Essence number occurs.
4. If you scroll down the report, you will find that every instance of these Karmic Essence numbers is highlighted in fill color red. Also, the number of bad years for each name (in a period of 70 years) is given as ‘Bad Years: xx’, in the first column. This means that the name combination (first name combined with the baby’s surname & middle name/s if any), results in xx number of Karmic Essence year numbers when calculated for a period of 70 years.
5. The global average for Karmic event numbers is thought to be between 20-23 per person, when calculated for the 70 year lifespan.
6. As a general rule, a name with more than 20 Karmic years out of 70 does not have my recommendation, thus ensuring that even my least scoring recommendation has fewer Karmic Essences than the average. Of course there will be many with less than 5 Karmic Essence number years out 70.
7. Although fewer Karmic Essence number years are preferable, it is also important to avoid these during known important stages in life. I usually am a little reluctant to recommend names where there are two or more Karmic Essence numbers during the age of 0-5 (usually poor health or loss of a parent) and 15-19 (critical phase were academic performance can have lifelong implications).

1. This table lists all names which were analysed and found to have Chaldean First and Full name totals which have favourable interpretations.
2. The first coloumn 'Bad Years' gives the number of Karmic Essence years as calculated in the 'Detail' table above
3. 'Destiny' is the Destiny Number, which is the total value of all the letters in the full name, reduced to a single digit, using Pythagorean numerology values
4. 'Heart' is the Heart Number, which is the total value of the vowels in the full name, reduced to a single digit, using Pythagorean numerology values
5. 'Personality' is the Personality Number, which is the total value of the consonants in the full name, reduced to a single digit, using Pythagorean numerology values
6. C.Full Name & C.First Name are the Chaldean Numerology total values of the letters in the Full name and First name respectively. Meanings for these totals may be obtained at http://namemylife.com/meanings.html
7. KY score is obtained from the number of Karmic Essence years - higher the number of Karmic Essence numbers in a name combination, lower the KY score
8. D-LP score is obtained from the relationship between Destiny Number (name) and LifePath (birthdate+month+year) reduced to a single digit.
9. I&V Score: Every name has different Destiny, Heart and Personality numbers, each could be any value from 1 to 9. Whether or not these 3 numbers complement each other will determine how effective this name would be in resulting in productive outcomes in life. So the analysis is for the relationship between Destiny-Heart, Heart-Personality and Destiny-Personality. A higher I&V score would mean higher productivity for the holder of the name.
10. KL score - this score is for Karmic Lessons (not to be confused with Karmic Essences). Under the Pythagorean numerology system if all letters of any value is missing from a name, it would bring about problems of a nature specific to the missing value. Therefore, the less the number of missing values in a name, the better it is. Hence names with fewer missing values get a higher score.
11. Total score is the total of the above 4 scores. A higher Total score would imply a better name, provided Chaldean First and Full name totals are desirable.

Recommended Names: 
This worksheet in the report contains the info that a parent needs, in order to choose a name. The names have been graded, on the basis of Total Score. The following names are not worthy of recommendation:
1. More than 20 Karmic Essence years out of 70
2. Unsuitable Chaldean first name
3. Unsuitable Chaldean full name.

The ‘Total Score’ says it all in one figure – the higher, the better, provided the name complies with the above three requirements. Experience shows that anybody with a score higher than 15 is a winner for sure. But a score of 25 (out of 50) and above can make the person outstanding!
In the downloadable sample, 373 names (from about 10,000 considered) have a score of 15 and above, while only 35 have a score of 25 and above. Take away the unsuitable names and see how rare an outstanding name really is! Although the maximum possible score theoretically is 50, in practice, I have not seen a single name combination cross the score of 43, and often, for a given surname / date of birth combination the max on a list is 35.
For those of you who wish to find a name with a first letter or syllable, I am sure you will find them here, since the list is so long. But even within these, I would suggest that you go for one with a higher Total score.

Arun Peter
Numerologist in Bangalore

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