How to pick the best numerologist to name your baby
Published on April 19, 2012

Over the past few years, after I turned 'professional', I have faced so many questions from parents seeking to establish whether I am a 'genuine' numerologist, who has the expertise to name their baby. The questions ranged from 'How long have you been doing this?', to 'What is Numerology?'. Understandably, such peripheral questions would leave parents none the wiser, and a smooth talker with limited expertise would be able to answer these questions convincingly. The end result is that the baby ends up with an adverse name. 

So the aim of this blog is to arm parents with adequate knowledge, so they can find the right numerologist to find the perfect baby name. 

Let’s get started: 

1. So far as I (and I guess, any numerologist) can see, naming a baby is THE MOST IMPORTANT responsibility which a parent undertakes. For a name brings into being, the framework within which the baby would lead his life. The name defines many circumstances which the baby would be placed in. It determines, which talents and faculties would be emphasised or suppressed. The name has an effect on frame of mind, happiness, attitude, health and wealth, and a feeling of fulfilment. The name determines whether or not the baby would eventually be successful in overcoming the challenges which life brings. And finally the name of the baby has an effect on the parents in that, a successful child = satisfied parents. 

2. Parents use a numerologist's assistance in naming a baby in order to bring about a better life for the baby. Given the fact that there are no structured courses from universities and no degrees - all numerologists are self-taught - but to varying extents. Today, anybody can buy a PhD degree online for $500, and call himself a 'PhD in Numerology' to boot. Therefore it is incumbent upon parents to make an appraisal of the numerologist, so the subject of numerology is fully and correctly applied in finding the baby's name. 

3. The knowledge base of a numerologist is of paramount importance. Equally important is the extent to which this knowledge is applied, for each baby. So, ideally parents would make an effort to establish the credentials of the numerologist AND understand the methodology the numerologist would use to arrive at the most suitable names for their baby. Understanding and verifying the methodology employed would probably be the best way to ensure that the baby has a suitable name. There are several outstanding books on the subject; these may be used to verify the methodology. Most parents know nothing about numerology, and there isn’t adequate time to learn the subject just before naming their baby - but there are ways to ensure that you do get competent, professional service. 

4. Good numerologists tend to be INTP Type personalities as defined by the Myers Briggs tests. They are thinkers, focussed on the inner world, with low tolerance for ambiguities and inaccuracies. So far as I can see, few other personality types contain the faculties required - so you know one, when you see one. Socialite numerologists are a no-no, they are just armchair practitioners. In-depth knowledge requires years of study, as with any other subject. The thing about numerology is that it only takes about a year to learn enough for a casual conversation, a few years to become a little more astute, but it takes over a decade to understand the intricacies of the endless combinations. 

5. Ask your numerologist to substantiate his methodology by showing it in good books on the subject. For example if he says a particular name is suitable for your baby, ask him why. There are people who make things up on the fly, doing immense disservice to the reputation of the subject, to say nothing of the damage to the clients child. Then there are people who impose their own blind beliefs, devoid of pure reason. You need clarity, distilled into a name. 

6. Don’t get carried away by numerologists who make a big deal about their high profile client list - this means nothing. Celebrities are as clueless as anyone else when it comes to assessing a numerologist. 

7. Be wary of numerologists who pick names out of a screen, and cannot substantiate the methodology used. Software makers have made dozens of apps, and most are made by people who have little or no knowledge about the subject. Software makers are not numerologists, and vice versa. 

8. Stay away from numerologists who walk around calling themselves 'authors'. Broadly there are three types of authors in this profession:

a. The truly outstanding numerologists who have deep insight - there are only about half a dozen of them in the world, and I am ever so grateful for their contribution to the subject.

b. Professional writers who write Numerology books: This group is into the publishing business, and so thankfully, they can do no harm to their clients’ babies. Three-fourths of the books published are by such people, and essentially it’s the same basic data published in different words. Their books are good enough to satisfy casual curiosity, but certainly not good enough for the naming process.

c. Spurious numerologists who write books filled with pages of irrelevant matter: The motivation here is to buttress their credentials as a numerologist. A gullible client would easily get taken in by the fact that the person in front of him has actually published a book, given that he is not in a position to assess its contents. 

9. Stay away from people who can find a name for you in minutes. It’s just not possible, given the steps involved. 

10. And last but not least, remember that you are at liberty to end the consultation, if you have reason to suspect the competence or dedication of your numerologist. 

Numerologists price their services quite competitively because of market forces - so you would pretty much be paying roughly the same, whether or not your numerologist knows and does his work diligently. So please choose your numerologist carefully, keeping the above points in mind. 

Given what’s at stake, due diligence is vital.

Arun Peter
Numerologist in Bangalore 


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