What Numerology is NOT
Published on June 13, 2011

I don’t think I ever imagined I would need to write an article on what Numerology is NOT. There are so many numerology sites out there, and each one tries to tell you what (they think) numerology is all about. The text on some of the best numerology sites bears no resemblance to the text in the best-selling books on the subject. I can only imagine why there is this huge divergence - commercial numerologists either know something more than the best authors, or they know something else! 

Of late, I have had several numerology-baby name clients who are so overwhelmed by the varying opinions, that they consult multiple numerologists, for just one baby name! I guess the stress is understandable, after all, they are naming their most precious gift, and there is no turning back once the baby is named. Most clients recognise that the earliest name given after birth is the one which most significantly shapes the life of the child. There is no Plan B; at least not one which can be developed quickly enough, in the short span of time between birth and naming. It’s too short a time span for parents to learn Numerology, so they wouldn’t know when they are being taken for a ride. 

Clients then cross-verify between the different numerologists, and each numerologist digs his heels in, often, without basis. The sad part is that this leaves the client utterly confused, and it is anybody's guess as to which numerologist he would trust, and therefore use his recommendations. So, for me as a numerologist, the challenge suddenly turns from finding the best numerology names for the baby, to convincing parents as to why they would be better off following my naming recommendations. Sadly, because this problem is at it's worst in India, this article does not apply to readers in other parts of the world. It is only in India that Astrologers have jumped into the naming game, which was originally a numerology preserve. 

So all of sudden, my role as a numerologist is over and my role as a lawyer (and witness) takes over :-) I guess you can now understand why this blog article is long overdue. So here I go: 

Numerology is NOT Astrology:

 Use of astrology terms, especially Indian Astrology terms, has no basis in both Chaldean & Pythagorean Numerology. Not even in 'Indian Numerology' (more on this in a future article). I am battling clients who have been advised to name their babies with the number 5 or 9, for instance, for then the child would have a 'Rajayoga' (favourable placement of planets as determined by planetary positions at birth)! NONE of the numerology books have found a way to co-relate names and numerology with planetary positions at birth, or at any other time. The original books on Indian Astrology - Brihat Parashara's 'Hora Shastra' & Varahamira's 'Brihat Jataka', and even Jaimini Astrology have not so much as mentioned the topic of Numerology. I have a collection of over 200 beautiful books on Numerology, and none of the best-selling authors have even tried to draw a co-relation between numerology and astrology. I rest my case. 

Numbers in Numerology are NOT ruled by Planets:

 Certainly, letters of the English alphabet, with Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology values cannot be corelated with planets in any way, there exists no methodology to do so. It is one thing to embellish one's writings with these terms, and another to say that a method exists to name babies using planetary positions at birth. For example, the planet Venus signifies family in Astrology, but probably more important are the Lords of the 2nd House (first family), 3rd House (siblings), 4th House (mother) 5th House (children), 7th House (spouse) and 9th House (father). Numerology uses the numbers 2 (relationships) and 6 (family) to understand these relationships. I get a lot of clients asking me whether Rahu is 4 and Ketu is 7 and so on. They are NOT. I hope this example sufficiently demonstrates the incongruity between numbers and planets. 

Numerology is NOT Ga Gi Gu:

 Contrary to popular belief, the use of this has only spread recently. For generations, babies were named either after their grandparents, or randomly. It requires less than a minute on a computer to determine which letters to use per nakshatra / rasi. And it means nothing to the life of the child. The oldest text on astrology, Brihat Parashara's Hora Shastra, doesnt even mention names, let alone touch on the topic of first letters. There is not a single ancient text which says that any baby's name must begin with a particular syllable. As I said earlier, Astrology has NOT touched upon the subject of names. Astrology does NOT have any method to name babies, while numerology is an entire science which revolves around the name.  Numerology has an interpretation for first letter of first name (which is called  'Cornerstone'). But it is one of the many factors which go into picking a name, not the sole factor. 

Numerologists are NOT Astrologers and vice versa:

 My practice has given me the opportunity to analyse the abilities of many an astrologer and numerologist. Suffice to say, that an expert in astrology can be lost in numerology and vice versa. I respect astrology and good astrologers, but they are not numerologists. The two subjects are two different oceans with different kettles of fish. There is simply no similarity, to say nothing of parity. Different subject matter, different subject matter experts. 

Numerologists are NOT Doctors:

 I have come across clients who have been advised by unethical numerologists, 'cures' for the diseases they are suffering from. This really is preying on the suffering and the helpless, who will clutch at any straw to stay afloat. Let me say this: The energies of the numbers in Numerology can cause physical, mental, emotional and financial problems. But once a disease manifests itself, a cure is NOT assured. There are some 'permanent' factors in Numerology (as derived from the birthdate and the earliest given name), and countering these using a 'currently used name' is essential. But remnant effects of the birthdate and earliest given name are so strong, that nobody can claim that a physical cure is certain. Also, Numerology as a subject doesn't have a methodology for curing ailments.

Numerology is NOT a quick-fix:

 In newspaper ads and on billboards while driving around town, I see incredulous claims from 'astrologer, numerologist and vashikaran specialist/s' that they will solve all problems in 24 hours, in some cases even in an hour!!! I can only imagine the plight of people who go to such quacks, both before and after the consultation. Numerology names are slow change processes, similar to eating, sleeping and exercising right. The energy of the numbers is slow, but consistent and pervasive. One can’t afford to not have this on one's side, but at the same time, it does NOT constitute an immediate relief from problems. Beneficial change is slow but sure, and meaningful transformation after name change require between 1 & 3 years.

I think I have addressed the common malpractices & false claims in the Numerology business. Numerology is a noble science, to be used for the benefit of mankind, not just for numerologists! Feel free to write back if you have more queries on this subject, so this article can be made comprehensive.


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